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L M Tech North America (LMTNA)

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L M Tech

Bansiya Overseas LLP has proudly collaborated with L M Tech North America (LMTNA) a market consulting and technology company. Founded in 2013, LMTNA is a well-established technology firm headquartered in Canada. LMTNA has offices in Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto.

LMTNA has several years’ of experience in developing and commercializing path-breaking technologies in the area of construction and recycling. LMTNA has developed unique technologies for construction chemicals, recycling construction and packaging waste.

The technical staff of LMTNA has over 100 years of collective experience in technology commercialization. The consulting wing of LMTNA has executed several projects and advised North American and Global clients on technology development, marketing strategy and business development. Over the years, LMTNA has served over four dozen clients to develop complex marketing plans, lead generation campaigns, and develop strategy to gain competitive advantages. All that with limited resources and budgets.

LMTNA also provides IT services related to business restructuring and growth strategies.

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